EKOS works with clients in many industries and sizes. Our clients include:

  • Alaska Airlines
  • AT&T Canada
  • Bainbridge Graduate Institute (BGI)
  • Ballard Power Systems
  • BECU
  • Bell Canada
  • Boeing
  • Brookdale
  • Burlington Northern Santa Fe
  • Canadian Office of Sustainability
  • City of Seattle
  • Coca-Cola Company
  • College Housing NW
  • Collins Pine
  • Cousins Properties
  • Covalence
  • Darigold / Northwest Dairy Association
  • Department of Ecology, Washington State
  • Dow Jones
  • ESCO
  • Glanbia US Cheese
  • Glanbia plc
  • Hewlett Packard
  • Lucent
  • Mayo Clinic
  • Methodologie
  • Microsoft
  • Mosaic Communications
  • Nike
  • Noranda Aluminum
  • Nortel
  • Ontario Hydro
  • Plum Creek
  • Port of Seattle
  • Premera Blue Cross
  • REI
  • Quantum
  • Saskatoon Health Region
  • SC Johnson
  • SNAP Appliances
  • Sound Community Bank
  • StorageTek
  • Tesoro
  • The Natural Step
  • The Nature Conservancy: WA State
  • The Nature Conservancy Canada
  • The Nature Conservancy: TNC World Office, TNC Washington State
  • Theo Chocolate
  • University of Victoria
  • Virginia Mason Health System

Client Comments


EKOS partners understand what it takes to succeed in business, and have helped my companies across a range of businesses (Ballard Power Systems, Covalence Specialty Materials, Noranda Aluminum) invest in people, processes, and values. Cynthia Figge, Lorinda Rowledge, and Russell Barton apply their expertise in industries as diverse as fuel cell startups, aluminum, and plastic materials to help executives and managers create economic success, environmental sustainability, and social responsibility. They helped us clarify our strategy for how to win in the market and contribute to a more sustainable society.

Layle K. (Kip) Smith
President and CEO, Noranda Aluminum Holding Corporation
Past CEO, Covalence Specialty Materials Corporation
Past President, Ballard Power Systems


EKOS has all the technical skills, deep understanding of business, expertise in sustainability, and competencies in attaining rapid change you would expect of a traditional leading consulting firm. What I comment on here is what makes EKOS unique.

My view is that EKOS brings a practical, realistic perspective about what we can get done given the organizational circumstances we are currently working under. They are able to assess the situation, understand how fast the organization can move, and keep us at that edge where progress is made but there is respect for the speed at which the organizational culture can effectively change and grow. Some organizations are really hungry for change, where others, although they see the importance of sustainability for business advantage, are busy running the business. EKOS partners Lorinda Rowledge and Russell Barton are very sensitive to this dynamic, and are able, where needed, to design interventions that so fit with business needs that the culture change is almost imperceptible. Work with EKOS can also be used as a culture-improving hub, giving the employees something they identify with, without losing sight of what the core business is.

Russ and Lorinda have two different styles, and are able to smoothly pass the baton back and forth depending on what is needed to best reach the audience. They quickly learned how to work with the organization without taking too much of my time – I have a lot of trust in them to keep things focused and moving forward. I feel very comfortable giving them the lead to go for it.

EKOS partners have great sensitivity to showing business value all along the way. They have been effective in showing the true economic value and business imperatives rooted in a sustainable business model, keeping the business rationale and bottom line benefits front and center. Sustainability is presented in a way that is not strident, but instead clearly analyzes financial returns and business performance. They demonstrate that sustainability does not have to be disruptive to the organization.

My bottom line is that EKOS is who I would hire to help lead a strategic sustainability initiative. Based on my seven years experience in a senior management position at the national level of a global building products company, several years in a senior post at a regional level for First American Title, and several years in a senior management position for a large Pacific Northwest food production and processing company, my assessment is that EKOS is the premier consulting firm for assisting executives in integrating sustainability with business strategy and implementing changes for breakthrough improvements toward financial, environmental, and social sustainability. There are a lot of consulting firms out there, but the others quickly fall away once you get beyond the introductory presentations. EKOS has the competence needed by those who are on the ground floor doing the work of sustainability. I have years of experience working in the arena of sustainability, and EKOS is still who I would hire to get it done.

Steven P. Rowe
Senior Vice President and General Counsel
Northwest Dairy Association/ Darigold, Inc.


EKOS provided strategic guidance and recommendations about REI’s sustainability program and reporting that have helped to shape our thinking and influence our CSR reporting. Their wide experience and expert insight both from the business perspective and from the sustainability world were instrumental in helping us identify opportunities to improve our work and get the most out of our efforts.

Kevin Hagen
Director, Corporate Responsibility, Iron Mountain
Past Director Corporate Social Responsibility, REI


In 2010, we published our first-ever Corporate Environmental Responsibility Report (CERR) with assistance and guidance from Lorinda and Cynthia at EKOS. My project partner and I knew that EKOS was the right choice from the first moment we met them. They simply “got” us. They understood our needs and our challenges and developed various proactive strategies to help us deal with our internal roadblocks and limited resources. It was a joy to work with these enormously talented, earnest, and charming women. We received great reviews from our internal and external stakeholders on the finished report — we even placed in the top 10 in two categories in the Corporate Register Awards… not bad for a first time report!

Jacqueline Drumheller
Environmental Affairs Manager
Alaska Airlines


Acting upon emerging financial institution trends as well as an internal push towards the holistic sustainability of our organization, we hired Lorinda and her firm EKOS. This was our first attempt at creating a Sustainability Report aside from a one-page layout that backed our 2012 Annual Report. Because we couldn’t quite pin an agreeable starting point and had limited resources available for such a project, Lorinda suggested we perform a “Rapid Prototyping” session, which collapses what might be weeks or months of work by numerous employees into a single all-day session with participation from key influencers. In addition, Lorinda facilitated client and employee focus groups that supported our work within the Rapid Prototyping session. What resulted was truly astounding – client and employee topic analysis, determination of four sustainable focus areas (Financial Stewardship, Community, Workplace, and Environment), suggested tracking mechanisms for data, a new corporate value, and a “materiality matrix” which mapped the level of importance of sustainable topics – both from the perspective of the bank and from that of our stakeholders.

With these results, we comprised a four-page piece on sustainability that included key metrics for year-over-year comparison in the future; content that speaks to our mission, goals and direction; testimonials from clients and employees; and finally the creation of an internal Sustainability Committee that meets quarterly. With rave reviews from clients, employees and shareholders – it was an absolute pleasure to work with such a talented and organized person such as Lorinda. We plan to ask her back in the future to further expand upon this important corporate objective!

Brady Robb
AVP, Marketing Director
Sound Community Bank


Lorinda Rowledge is one of the most creative people I know. Don’t let her happy exterior fool you into underestimating her. She is also able to focus for an extended period and produce an incredible amount of original work in the time available. For example when BGI needed an Institutional Effectiveness Plan in two weeks, she quickly gathered the necessary information, sought out strategic decisions from appropriate sources and then produced an IEP that was not only lauded by our accreditation body as an example of what an IEP should be, but also was a work of art with charts and tables that made it very clear what we had to do to take the school to the next level. It guided our management decisions for years.

Lorinda has excellent relationship skills and can be sent into any situation with confidence that she will make the best of it and win others to her side. Her combination of creativity, ability to focus on the practical issues, brilliant conceptual intelligence and winning relationship skills are a rare combination.

Gifford Pinchot III
President & Co-Founder
Bainbridge Graduate Institute & Pinchot University for the Common Good


EKOS was instrumental in helping BECU develop a strategic framework for our sustainability efforts. Their knowledge and experience provided valuable insight to our team.

Tom Berquist

Senior Vice President, Member Strategies


EKOS provided our firm, AT&T Canada with a focused insight into our quality approach. Our leadership team formed a good basis of understanding with the support of EKOS that led to a strong foundation of business excellence practices.

Cynthia Young
Founder and President at Resilience Factor
Former VP Quality, AT&T Canada


We partnered with EKOS International on a complex and highly visible client project that started with quite a bit of ambiguity. The team at EKOS jumped in with both feet bringing a high level of expertise, collaboration, flexibility and contagious optimism. As the project focus shifted due to changing business needs, EKOS rolled with it and always came to the table willing to do what was necessary to get the project done with the highest level of quality. I truly enjoyed working with EKOS and would call on them again for future projects.

Heather Henricks
Former Senior Digital Marketing Strategist
R2Integrated – Microsoft


Since 1985, I’ve had the pleasure of working with EKOS International partners Lorinda Rowledge and Russell Barton over the equivalent of close to nine working years in two major industries [telecommunications and healthcare] and three different large organizations. My perspective on the value they can add to any enterprise is based on the three major roles I have had in the course of my career in Organization Development and Quality System Design: senior internal consultant, senior level manager, and external consultant.

In contracting for their services, you will benefit from a consulting group that:
1. Takes a long-term view of the relationship they build with their clients;
2. Ensures that a “meta-level” approach to strategy development and deployment is the focal point of all their work;
3. Leaves behind IN the organization the leading-edge knowledge they have worked hard to acquire;
4. Have the type of personal presence that can engage, enroll, and involve people at all organizational levels;
5. Are quick studies in learning their customer’s business.

You will enjoy working with them.

Gerry Belton, Ph.D.
Quality Services
Saskatoon Health Region


Cynthia Figge and EKOS were doing research on best practices in global sustainability when virtually no one in the U.S. corporate world had a clue that this field existed. Thanks to Cynthia and EKOS, our leading corporations were exposed to the lessons hard-learned in Europe, ages before their compatriots in the U.S. got a handle on the benefits of this methodology. Thanks to EKOS, the U.S. moved to sustainability perhaps a decade earlier than would otherwise have happened. I highly recommend them to any company interested in becoming current with best practices in sustainability.

Mark Anderson
CEO, Strategic News Service
Chair, Future in Review Conferences


EKOS provides valuable strategic consulting services to Methodologie’s clients both at a broad level — collaborating with us to help BNSF identify and outline company-wide sustainability priorities in preparation for their first citizenship report for example — as well as more specific consulting services — such as benchmarking competitor sustainability reports for Coca-Cola to inform the strategy of their sustainability reports. EKOS brings deep experience and knowledge of the expanding world of corporate social responsibility, combined with very effective communication skills, collaboration, and the ability to engage and inspire.

Janet DeDonato


EKOS supported us in conducting an Enterprise Strategic Study to examine the strategic significance of incorporating sustainability for competitive advantage and risk assessment. Over 24 leading corporations were benchmarked to identify 18 commonly occurring strategic and tactical areas of emphasis typically employed by world leaders. The team provided analysis and insights of great value in the creation of our sustainability policy, plan, and report.

The sustainability study team was established as a true partnership of our staff and members of the EKOS International Consultant team. Rather than working in a traditional customer-supplier relationship, the team members interacted seamlessly as a single cohesive group throughout the study. Study results were presented to the highest corporate levels and contributed directly to our current sustainability initiative.

The –EKOS team earned our prestigious Award in 2006 for quality of results, value delivered, and for serving as the catalyst of innovation for our sustainability plan. Through vision, initiative, insight, and exceptional working together efforts, this team helped move an important strategic imperative from vision to reality.

Executive’s Name Withheld At Request of Client for Confidentiality
Director Enterprise Strategic Studies
Strategic Development & Analysis
Confidential Client Fortune 50


Russ Barton and Lorinda Rowledge of EKOS are the team I would want working with and guiding my senior management group. Their combination of intellectual depth and practical know-how on sustainability strategy design are unparalleled. EKOS pioneered sustainability strategy analysis years ago and built a distinguished track record with global clients before most consultants even recognized the importance of the issues. I have known and worked with them for almost ten years in my position as a graduate business school professor conducting research and teaching MBA students about sustainability strategy and innovation. Russ has been an influential speaker for my MBA students at Darden. I also had the pleasure of working with Lorinda in her role as a leader of Bainbridge Graduate Institute’s MBA in sustainable business when I served on that faculty. This is the preeminent team you want on your side.

Andrea Larson, Ph.D.
Professor of Business Administration
University of Virginia Darden Graduate School of Business